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Peter Taylor – A life of sailing Sunbeams

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Peter Taylor MBE is Chairman of Cowes Week Limited and has recently purchased a Solent Sunbeam. He tells his story. “I am excited to have come into the Class in its 95th year. It’s significant that Sunbeams have raced at Cowes Week every year since 1923 (with the...
Points Week 2018 report

Can I Buy Xanax In Mexico

Seventeen Solent Sunbeams largely enjoyed light winds for the five-race Strutt & Parker Keelboat Points Week at Itchenor. Racing in a large fleet at high tide meant that, in the absence of the usual strong Chichester Harbour tides, good results were often...
95th Anniversary party images

Xanax Online Canada

95 guests attended our 95th Anniversary dinner on 27 May. It was a lovely evening, warm, sunny, lovely champagne and dinner followed by dancing to ‘Timeless’! Low-resolution images are available in the Members’ Area.