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Sun shines on the Sunbeams! Chisholm Weekend report

Buy Xanax India Online

The Solent Sunbeam Class enjoyed the 30th running of the Chisholm Weekend over the early May Bank Holiday weekend at Itchenor Sailing Club. Read about the background to this event. The weekend is always one of the best-attended events in the Solent Sunbeam Class and...

Buy Xanax Uk Online

For our archive of newsletters since the start of 2018, please see https://solentsunbeam.co.uk/newsletters. Newsletters earlier than 2018 are available in the members’ area.
Chisholm Weekend at Itchenor Sailing Club on 5-6 May 2018

Can I Buy Xanax In Mexico

The first weekend in May will see the historic Sunbeam fleet of classic keelboats from Itchenor take part in the Chisholm Weekend, which comprises intensive back-to-back races competing for the Chisholm Weekend Trophy. The event is always well-attended as it is the...
John Ford – a life of painting

Xanax Online Canada

John is Commodore of the Solent Sunbeam class. He tells his story. “There have been three competing interests in my life outside a professional career: painting, sailing and flying. “An inspirational art teacher at school was the catalyst to take up a hobby in...