Solent Sunbeam

Buying and crewing a Solent Sunbeam

Buying a Solent Sunbeam

The cost to buy a Sunbeam will vary depending on whether it is wood, epoxy or GRP and what condition it is in. Maintenance costs will vary depending upon location and whether the work is done by the owner or by a boatyard. Boats that have been epoxied will require less annual maintenance than wooden ones. No keelboat is cheap to run, but a Sunbeam is a lot less expensive than many. And multiple ownership allows owners to divide the costs between them. Browse the curent list of boats for sale.

Crewing a Solent Sunbeam

We operate a system of matching crews to helms when they are short of crew. If you’d like to come and try a Sunbeam out, whether as a prospective owner or crew, please contact us.

Training and support

We well as training sessions and a welcoming attitude to new sailors, whether they be helms or crews.

Come and try out a Sunbeam