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Cowes Week 2019 report

Buy Xanax India Online

A week later after Cowes Classics Week, five Sunbeams re-convened for Cowes Week. Hereby some words from our roving reporter: With all racing abandoned on Saturday and Sunday, the 5 Sunbeams were desperate to get out racing. We got a course going West as far as...
Cowes Classics Week 2019 report

Can I Buy Xanax From Canada

The Dainty Dish race to Cowes 15 Sunbeams started in a light north-westerly and had a very pleasant sail to Cowes once the rain cleared just before the start, when the Class Captain was able to put away his disintegrating umbrella! The start was fiercely contested and...
Itchenor Sailing Club Points Week

Can I Buy Xanax In Mexico

It must be said that it wasn’t the hottest Points Week in recent years! Indeed, on day 2, your Class Captain decided to try and keep warm and stay dry as long as possible, which is why an umbrella came in very handy on the long run down to the start! The racing...
Cowes Classic Week attracts a strong fleet of Solent Sunbeams in 2019

Xanax Online Canada

13 Solent Sunbeam classic keelboats are already signed up for racing at this year’s Cowes Classic Week, with another couple expected to be on the start line on 29th July, taking the total to at least 15.Among this year’s entries is Solent Sunbeam hull no 1, Dainty,...
Chichester Harbour at its best – Solent Sunbeam Thursday Evening racing

Where To Buy Xanax 2Mg

What can be more sublime than slipping the mooring for an evening of sociable yacht racing in a stunningly attractive classic keelboat on the beautiful waters of Chichester Harbour!This is what the Solent Sunbeam fleet does every week from May to September, with the...