Message from the Class Captain

I confirm that, due to the worsening situation regarding Coronavirus, all programmed Sunbeam events are cancelled until further notice. This means that the Spring meeting and the Rules Talk will now not take place. In line with ISC’s statement from 18 March, there will be no racing in the foreseeable future.

A number of boat owners have indicated that they will be launching their Sunbeams – albeit some later than usual – to take advantage of any sailing opportunities which arise. Please do be conscious at all times of the government guidance on self-isolation.

The Sunbeam Executive Team have discussed the possibility of some informal racing but do not consider this is appropriate at the moment due to Health & Safety concerns, both on and off the water.

As far as Cowes is concerned I will make the appropriate enquiries and will let you all know when there is further information.

In the meantime, here is V47 Kitty looking lovely in her new livery. [photo credit: Roger Wickens]

I will keep you updated with any developments as they arise.

Nick Leach
Class Captain

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