Draft 2024 Sailing Programme

Some background work has already taken place on the 2024 sailing programme; dates have been discussed between ISC and RLYC to allow IKW and CCW to take place at suitable times and tides. Discussions have also been held with Falmouth about Solent Sunbeam fleet support for their Centenary in 2024. Realistically, it will not be an easy task for a boat to attend Cowes Week and also visit Falmouth in time for their Centenary regatta. With this in mind, a draft programme has been drawn up for discussion based on CCW being the fleet’s Solent focal event for 2024. The programme recognises that not all boats will wish to visit Falmouth and that support for Cowes Week and the regattas in the preceding weekend exists. However, the Class Officers feel that on balance the Solent fleet ought to try and support Falmouth with as many boats as possible and this will be the priority for 2024, with a focus on CCW and Falmouth, but without preventing attendance at CW.

Key Sailing dates:

Sir Henry Chisholm Weekend (early May BH) 4 to 5 May

Chittagong Cup (late May BH) 25 to 26 May

IKW 24 to 28 June

Dainty Dish 6 July (spare day 7 July)

Classic Cowes Week 8 to 12 July Cowes Week 27 July to 2 August

Falmouth Sunbeam Centenary Regatta Mon 5 to Wed 7 August (Launch day 3 August and early 5 Aug)

Fleet Championships Thur 8 to Sat 10 Aug

Falmouth Week Sun 11 to Sat 17 August (Racing day) (Lift out date Mon 19 Aug)

Westmacott Centenary Trophy Sat 7 to Sun 8 September


Updated 29 October 2023