A new scale model of “Harmony” has been presented to Duncan O’Kelly, the outgoing Class Captain of the Solent Sunbeam fleet.

Mick Gilbert was asked to make the model. Mick is a boat builder by trade, who has built everything from small dinghies to 75-foot yachts, and who has spent a lifetime building model yachts.

It took Mick around 2 months to make the full model of Harmony. Mick says, “I use a layout drawing and convert the measurements to a 1/16 size – that’s 3/4” to 1 foot. I like to use lime timber for these smaller models since it is grain free and supple. I’m pleased with the result – it resembles the real boat in every detail”.

Duncan says, “The model is totally amazing in that every detail, particular to Harmony, has been replicated amazingly faithfully, even the colour of the sheets and halyards is correct! I have found the ideal position for it on a drawing room window cill where the light shines through”.

V11 Harmony was built in 1923.

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