2022 Silver Fleet

The 2022 Silver Fleet members are shown here.

2022 Trophy List and Winners

The 2022 Trophy list and winners are shown on two pages here  and here.

2022 Modified High Point Scoring Trial

An explanation of the Modified High Point Scoring that will be used in 2022 can be found here

2021 Overall Results

2022 Dainty Dish Results

The 2022 Dainty Dish was held on Friday 22nd July. Race results are here and the race report is here.

2022 Rees Reynolds Trophy Results

Held Saturday 7 May. This is an Outside Harbour race over an extended course. High Point Scoring used.

Click here here to view results and click here  to read the race report

2022 April Goblets Results

This trophy is awarded for the best results from the 7 V1 and V2 races finishing with the first Bank Holiday in May. Best four races to count. Boats are awarded 2 bonus points for taking part in races in April.

This is a High Points scored series. A Silver Fleet trophy is also awarded. 2022 Results are here.

3 of the 7 scheduled races were not sailed this year (17, 18, and 23 April)

2022 Henry Chisholm Weekend Trophy Results

This is a trophy for four races held during the first Bank Holiday in May. 1 discard if 4 races held

Scoring by RRS Appendix A Low Point scoring.  2022 Results are shown here  and the Race Report is available here.

2022 Leith Trophy - Outside Harbour Series Results

Outside harbour series (other than passage races) 1 discard if 4 or more races completed.

A Silver Fleet trophy is awarded. High Point Scoring used.