As last year the final series results came down to the wire.

V26 Danny won the McMeekin Trophy for the best 20 results by a considerable margin but only 2 points separated V18 Polly, V25 Query and V42 Penny, who finished 2nd, 3rd and 4th respectively.

Danny led both the V1 Saturday afternoon series and V2 Sunday morning series (although excluded from winning the silverware). Polly and V41 Fleury were first and second in the V1 series and V36 Melody and V14 Jabberwocky were first and second in the V2 Series.

In the Silver fleet, the McMeekin Series was won by V64 Maisy, with V16 Mystery and V27 Jenny in second and third. The V1 Saturday afternoon series was won by Jenny and the V2 Sunday morning series was won by V12 Argosy.

Well done to everyone!

2018 Trophy winners

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