Itchenor Keelboat Week

A tradition that goes back many decades, Itchenor SC’s annual Keelboat Week is a celebration of classic keelboat racing at its best. Formerly known as ‘Points Week’, it takes place in June, with keelboat sailors from Swallow, XOD and Sunbeam fleets taking part in a week of racing around Chichester Harbour. Racing is on high tides and the harbour is relatively free from other users.

Itchenor is home to the largest fleet of Swallows, XODs and Sunbeams in the UK, and its keelboat sailors have enjoyed national successes over the years, including many wins at Cowes.

The Sunbeams usually have excellent turnouts and with racing at high tide, what more can a Sunbeamer want? The Race Officer usually adds extra spice by trying to ensure that over the course of the week, we race around every mark in the Harbour!

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